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Sonja Sedmak



Acupuncture, Qi Gong (individual remedial sessions and classes), Tuina (chinese massage), Gua Sha and Cupping, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Dietary and Lifestyle advice and Ear Candling


Chinese Medicine has been a major influence on Sonja since her early thirties when she received her first acupuncture treatment and Chinese Herbs. She immediately liked the fact that not only is Chinese medicine effective in treating illness, it is very effective in preventing disease.


Acupuncture, herbs, diet, a good lifestyle and Qi Gong practise help maintain the body, mind and spirit in a healthy state, ironing out those kinks before they can take hold in the body and cause disease.


Prior to studying for her Bachelor degree in Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sonja studied Qi Gong and Taiji in New Zealand with various local and international teachers. She completed two years of full-time study at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine where she was awarded the Diploma of Qi Gong. Sonja taught Taiji and Qi Gong privately and in the New Zealand government sponsored Falls Prevention Program for seniors.


The marked inprovements in the health of the students practising Qi Gong deepened her interest in Chinese Medicine and led her to study for her degree.


Using her range of modalities, Sonja designs treatments geared to a patient's individual conditions. Sonja has an affinity for working with the elderly, the stressed and treating musculo- skeletal conditions


Sonja is a fluent Italian speaker and can hold her own conversing in Croatian, Spanish and French


 Sonja is qualified as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Qigong Practitioner and Teacher


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine claimable from most Health Funds


Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday by appointment.

Costs:        Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine $80 (hour treatment)

                                               $60 (pensioners/unemployed/students)


                    Qi Gong classes 9.30am and 7pm Tuesday at St Peters                           Uniting Church, Marmora Street, Freshwater

                                              $20/$15(conc) per class or

                                              $120 pre pay 10 classes. 

                                              $60 individual remedial sessions

                         Qigong now also available on Tuesday eveninng

                         Please call for more details

Mobile: 0405 843 306