Attending Magenta Healing for Remedial Massage, Accupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Self Help courses (such as Energy Flow 101 and Crystal workshops), not only I have noticed, but my family and friends have noticed, that I am much calmer, think before I react and have such a positive look on life. 

Dianne Pemberton

Curl Curl


I have been going to Kate Metcalfe for Remedial Massage for some years.  After years of desk work I found my back and shoulders were a constant source of pain and discomfort.  A couple of massages from Kate and this discomfort was greatly reduced. 

I now have no pain or discomfort and ensure that this remains by having regular massages with Kate.  Her ability to locate the knots and stresses held within the body and to ease and remove these is amazing. 

Kate is a very caring, compassionate and genuine therapist and I recommend her highly.   

Anne De Coster – August 2010


Hi Kate

I just wanted to say how grateful both Alan and myself are for all the great treatments we have had at Magenta Healing over the past year.

Not only are all my muscular twinges and injuries so responsive following your amazing Remedial Massages, but, I always feel completely restored and rejuvenated. Do you know, I find that by having a regular massage, it seems to help keep things under control before they become a real issue.

As for Alan, I can't believe the results he has gained from regular Acupuncture treatments with Sonja. This year has been the first year ever that over winter months his preventative medication was reduced to half the dosage. Acupuncture combined with a few other natural therapies has now enabled Alan to stop medication entirely. He ceased taking it all (with Doctor's approval) 8 weeks ago and has not looked back since.

Here's to the wonderful work both yourself and Sonja do - such a gem for our community!