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Therapeutic Relaxation Massage



The aim of therapeutic relaxation massage is to bring balance and calm to the mind, muscles and emotions. It can be useful to keep the body in good condition or assist in the healing process. It assists with many things including increase of venous flow of blood, encouraged lymphatic flow, relaxation of the nervous system, gentle stretch of the muscle tissue to prevent injury and relieves subcutaneous scarring.

Having a relaxed body and mind leads to a good nights' sleep. A regular massage can increase your health and wellbeing

Everybody can benefit from regular massage, from babies to the elderly, sportspeople, tradesmen and office workers.

Massage is a healing art which can have far ranging effects dependant on the artistry of the therapist.


Session costs:

60 minutes  $90 (concession $65)

90 minutes  $130 (concession $100)

Other session lengths and costs as requested