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Remedial Trigger Point Massage



Few things are as distressing as chronic pain and physical and mental stress. Trigger point therapy is a massage therapy that may give relief from referred pain and symptoms caused by muscular trigger points. 

Trigger points are hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscles which refer pain or other symptoms to other specific parts of the body. For example, a trigger point in your hip can cause pain down the side of your thigh. As muscles tense around the referred pain in the thigh, the cycle of pain spreads.

These points can be deactivated by firm pressure or myofascial release. Trigger point therapy can be used to keep muscles in a relaxed, pain free state with increased range of motion. It also assists to calm and integrate the body, mind and emotions.

This remedial massage therapy can assist in relief of symptoms such as headaches, shoulder pain, whiplash injury, lower back pain,  restless leg syndrome, RSI, carpel tunnel symptoms, buckling knee syndrome, knee pain at night and various other acute or chronic conditions.


Remedial massage is covered by most health funds under extras cover


Session costs:

60 minutes  $90  (concession $65)

90 minutes  $130 (concession $100)

Other session lengths and prices as requested