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The Bioptron Light Therapy System is a way of using colour from the visible spectrum of light, to enhance and restore our body's energy.

We not only perceive colour visually, we unconsciously absorb it through our skin, muscles and the rest of our body. Colour evokes chemical reactions, affecting the function of the various organs and systems of the body.

Healing with colour is an ancient technique coupled her with modern scientific principles and research.

It helps to stimulate the process of self-healing and is also used for balancing our energies in order to prevent problems.

Bioptron Light Therapy can also be used during a remedial massage to

* release muscle tension

* assist with arthritic pain

* healing ulcers and many skin conditions

* back or joint pain

* insomnia and much much more

Each coloured light has a range of researched and tested purposes. Please feel free to call and discuss with Kate if you have any questions

Kate also combines Aura Soma colour therapy massage and the Bioptron Light Therapy System for a full colour chakra cleanse and energizing 2 hour treatment.

Further information regarding this therapy is available via


Session (120 min) - Aura Soma plus Bioptron Light $170

                                                            (concession $145)

Session - 15 to 20 minute sessions available for treatment of issues such as arthritis, ulcers and back pain etc

Kate also uses the Bioptron light during a remedial massage for these and muscular issues